Patagonia Rock Grip with Aluminum bars review

Patagonia Rock Grips with Aluminum Bars

Leave it to Patagoniato come up with a unique wading boot that offers incredible traction when fly-fishing on your favorite steelhead river or trout stream; the new Rock Grip Wading Boot w/Aluminum Bars.  These boots out perform studded wading boots by attaching a series of solid aluminum bars to the boots rubber sole.  It’s the best boot I and my customers, at least for those who have tried them, have used when it comes to traction.

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Ryan Barnes ties up his favorite European nymph

Every Saturday at the shop we do a free fly tying demo. We get many local people, commercial tyers, and professionals who come and tie up their favorite flies for 2 hours starting at 10am. This past Saturday we had one of our old employee Ryan Barnes who was on the US Fly Fishing team for several years do a demo. Ryan has fished all over Europe and has excelled in Czech, Polish, and French nymphing. During his demo he tied up many of his favorite nymphs, but there is one in particular that he finds extremely effective here in Utah on the Green River, Provo River, and Weber River. It’s a Euro style pheasant tail with a hot spot. I do need to make one apology my video skills were a little off and parts of the video are out of focus, but you still get the jist. Hope you enjoy and get out on your favorite ditch this week!

Winter fishing on the Provo River is good

We hope everyone is having a great weekend! Fishing continues to be good on the Provo and Green River. Fished a few days this week and found some fish up on midges, and a few that would chase streamers. Nick just did an out and back to the Green River below Flaming Gorge and had a great trip. Fish were up on blue winged olives and midges. If you haven’t got plans to get out this weekend do it, check our condition reports for some of the flies we’ve been fishing.

Utah Stream Access Coalition

Utah Stream Access Coalition

For those not familiar with our battle over the public’s right to access water here in Utah, you should check out the Utah Stream Access Coalition. These guys are awesome and doing a great job on protecting Utah’s fisheries and the public’s right to recreate on them. Last night one of our local radio hosts had both sides of the issues on the air.  Below are links to listen.

Utah Stream Access Coalition on “Inside the Outdoors” You can listen to the three segments from the one hour radio program “Inside the Outdoors”. These segments were originally broadcasted 1/26/2012 off the station 1320 AM KFAN. Chris Barkey of the Utah Stream Access Coalition and Randy Parker of Farm Bureau discuss with radio show host Steve Brown the stream access issue and working on finding compromise between recreation users and land owners here on Utah’s waters.…_access_part_1…_access_part_2…_access_part_3

Matt ties up his favorite Green Drake Nymph

We did this video a while ago, but it’s one of our favorites and most requested. Each year on the Provo and many other of Utah’s rivers the Green Drake hatches are some of the most prolific. When the Drakes come off it’s one of our busiest seasons, if you haven’t fished the Green Drakes on the Provo River you need to. If you need some help our guides would love to show you what it’s about. The hatch happens usually early to mid afternoon. When we go out on full day trips usually we start off fishing dry droppers until the hatch happens and this is one of our most productive nymphs. Like most the flies you see us tie, they are our own varieties and you won’t find them in any bin.