Fly Fishing Gift Ideas for Father’s Day Week 2

Father’s day is just around the corner and this week we have some great budget ideas that will score you some bonus points with dad. With the weather being as warm as it is already in the West, summer fishing season is rocking and rolling. Which means it’s wet wading time. For anyone that wet wades the Simms Wet Wading sock is a must. It looks like a normal sock, but inside it has a liner stitched in that wicks away moisture and keeps your feet comfortable after being in the water all day. Most of us wear these as well when we are saltwater fly fishing.

Another great idea for any dad just starting off his fishing season is a new fly line. We tend to forget to replace our lines, and forget how nice it is to fish a fresh fly line. This year Scientific Anglers came out with their Mastery Textured Trout Stalker Line. This is hands down a shop favorite line. I recently got a 5wt and fished it for the first time a few weeks ago on Silver Creek. It was one of the best weight forward lines I’ve fished and was excellent throwing large flies as well as small BWO’s with light tippet.

An anglers mind is all about his next trip, whether it’s how they are going to get there or even where there is. The last thing on our minds is our gear, some of it can be generations old, hammered, and we never replace it because it still resembles working condition, but if someone gives us a new piece of gear it becomes a cherished gem. A new fly reel can be the perfect gift for any dad, one of our favorite blends of modern meets classic is the Abel TR reels. They are a well machined reel, with a pawl drag systems that purrs when a fish takes off.

Fishing gear bags and luggage are also something an angler can never have enough of. While many times we are touting about our favorite techy bag, still one of our classic favorites is the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel. The 60 liter tends to be a favorite size for us. Whether you are going out for the day and need a bag to throw your extra clothes in, it’s a great weekend vaca size, or the perfect carry on. It can be carried like a classic duffel, but also has backpack straps which allow you to put it on your back and out of the way.

These are a few of our featured father’s day gifts ideas this week, we will also be posting a few more next week. If your dad is a regular at the shop feel free to stop by or give us a shout and we can also recommended some other items.