Sage One Spey and Switch Rod Review

I first got my hands on a new Sage ONE Spey Rod on the Dean in August of 2011.  Nothing like getting teased with something you can’t have. Sage fly rod Company along with other fine fly rod manufacturers have played an integral part in the development of today’s spey rods and their growing popularity.  With the introduction of their new ONE Spey Rod they prove they are still an industry leader and have pushed the envelope in two handed fly rod technology and performance once again.

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Sage Circa Rod Review by Western Rivers Fly Fisher

Sage Fly Rods have been on a roll as of late. Their new ONE rod has changed the game when it comes to light, incredibly accurate, quick, yet sensitive fly rods. To date the ONE rod has been Sage’s most successful fly rod series introduction. This is quite an accolade considering they continue to be one of the major innovators in fly rod technology.  They aren’t resting on their laurels either. Now at Western Rivers Flyfisher their latest fly rod, the CIRCA.  For us, this has been a rod we have been begging for from Jerry Siem and Sage Fly Rods. After our crew had the opportunity to put one of the CIRCA fly rods through the paces on our annual shop trip, we can honestly say that the CIRCA is the rod we had hoped for.

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Western Rivers Fly Fisher Shop Trip 2012

For the last 25 years the shop rats and guides at Western Rivers Fly Fisher in Salt Lake City have closed the shop and headed north on the weekend of the 24th of July. Although working in fly fishing has its perks, the guys in the shop never really get to fish together. If one of us is fishing then someone is in the shop covering. It’s a feedback loop that constantly chases its tail.

This year, like most years, we headed to the Henry’s Fork in search of big noses and dry flies. We found what we were looking for fishing wise, but the shenanigans, bullshit and good times will be ingrained in our mental archives forever.

The shop guys would like to say thanks to Schmidty and Kenny for taking care of the weekend and giving us the chance to relax and fish with our counterparts.