Patagonia Nano Puff Hybrid Jacket Review

The Patagonia Nano Puff has become one of the most recognized outdoor pieces of clothing among outdoor enthusiast around the world, and for good reason.  It’s an incredibly versatile, packable and lightweight insulated jacket and definitely a shop favorite among the staff at Western Rivers Flyfisher.  This year they’ve introduced a new variation of the Nano Puff, the Nano Puff Hybrid.  For those that fly-fish, this unique new jacket combines an insulated shelled upper that mirrors the qualities of the Nano Puff Jackets with a recycled R2 Midweight Fleece that drapes the bottom half of the garment.  Its two jackets in one virtually! In their catalog they tout this new Nano Puff Hybrid as an alpine piece, but when we looked at it, we couldn’t stop thinking about what a great jacket this would be for fly-fishing.
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Steelhead Season: Gear and Clothing Essentials

Tomorrow Schmidt and several of our great customer will be flying into Smithers, BC for the shops 25th annual Steelhead trip. Before they take off we got Steve to sit down and write an article on some of his favorite things he’s taking on this adventure.

Fly-fishing for steelhead is an obsessive venture at Western Rivers Flyfisher.  Come September we’re still pursuing trout, yet there is a creeping diversion in our focus, our purchases, and the flies we spend nights tying.  By this time of year we shift from trout rods to spey rods, use our trout lines and rods a little less often and spend a fair amount of time balancing out Skagit, Scandi or mid-belly spey lines for steelhead depending on our preferences.  Since I opened Western Rivers Flyfisher in February off 1987 fly-fishing for steelhead has been a part of our DNA.  Although little has evolved in swing flies for these migratory fish, the equipment has drastically improved over the past several decades.  Here are some new items that have been added to my growing list of essentials as I prepare for the upcoming steelhead season.

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