Korkers Guide Boot – aka KGB Boot Review

The 2013 Korkers Guide Boot, otherwise known as the KGB is a step in the right direction for Korkers. We’re excited about the durable construction, extended support and versatility of the new KGB. Korkers has stepped up durability while maintaining comfort. The KGB features a thick rubber rand that runs the circumference of the boot and continues up the boot past the ankle. The KGB is a tall boot and features the TPU cage which hugs the back of the leg and moves with each step.

The guide boot features a locking lace clip that keeps the bottom of the boot tight while lacing the top section. It allows for a seamless, tight fit which keeps the boot comfortable all day long. Korkers upgraded their outsoles with a Vibram Idro Grip sole. The KGB features the Omnitrax 3.0 system with some great interchangeable options like, felt, studded felt, svelt, rubber, studded rubber and aluminum bars. This is a great boot for the world traveler who is encountering multiple different river bed situations. Korkers has stepped into the durable “guide style” boot with the KGB. If you’re looking for a comfortable, versatile, bombproof boot, look no further than the Korkers Guide Boot.


Blue Winged Olive CDC Last Chance Cripple

This is one of our go to patterns for all mayflies. Skylar Nelson of Western Rivers Fly Fisher shows you how to tie one of our favorite Rene Harrop blue winged olive flies. If you haven’t used this pattern, we think it’s one of the best patterns we’ve fished on technical pieces of water such as Silver Creek, or the Henry’s Fork. Because of the CDC it’s got great float-ability and visibility when we fish it on our local waters such as Green River or Provo River.

Fly Rods for Beginners

ImageFly rods regardless of their price have improved considerably over the past decade.  If you are new to fly-fishing or are in the market for a decent fly rod that won’t break the bank, those who fly-fish or are just getting started have great options.  Today’s entry level fly rods are affordable and offer performance regardless of your abilities.  Something else, many of these fly rods are still being made in the good old USA.  We support that, given what goes into these rods you should as well!

Redington fly rod outfits for kids and those just getting introduced to fly-fishing that have a budget will find Redingtons’s offerings tough to beat.  This is the only fly rod brand that we carry that is not made in the USA. At this price point you’re simply not going to find a fly rod or fly rod and reel combination that is made in this country. Although Redington offers a wide variety of fly rod options in their line we feel that the Crosswater and Pursuit Outfits are in a league by themselves when it comes to entry level fly-fishing rods and packages.  Of the wide variety of fly rods we’ve cast at this price point we feel that the Reddington Crosswater and Pursuit fly rods perform the best and are of good value.  Crosswater Outfits range from $119.95-$139.95.  Pursuit fly rod and reel combos are $159.95-$179.95.

If you’ve got a little more money to spend on your first fly rod and want to step up a notch, Imperial fly rods from St. Croix are well worth the extra money.  This USA made fly rod is medium fast in action, although they claim them to be fast.   They are light, are built in a wide variety of sizes and especially for the waters we have here in Utah are an excellent choice for your first fly rod given their very reasonable price: $190-$240.00 depending on if you are in the market for a 2 or 4pc rod. 

Sage Fly Rod Company has totally redone their entry level series of fly rods, introducing for 2013 the new Approach and Response series of 4pc fly rods.  These fly rods offer a wide variety of options not only in price, but in performance, look and feel.

The all water Approach series of fly rods are not that much more than the 4pc St. Croix rods,  $295.00, but in performance and finish you’ll notice a difference.   Although Sage regards this as an entry level fly rod compared to the options we have had in the past these fly rods are impressive sticks.  Their high modulus graphite equates to a rod that is quick, powerful and noticeably more sensitive in your hand. 

The all water Response fly rod by Sage is a fly rod that was designed for the flyfisher who understands that performance is paramount when it comes to the role a fly rod plays in enjoyment and success on the water, yet can’t quite justify investing in a premium fly rod.  The Response series of fly rods proven tapers and premium materials are easily felt when you put this quick and light fly rod in your hand.  At $395.00 they are about half the price of a premium fly rod and a value given the craftsmanship and performance this Sage fly rod offers.

Another excellent option that fits into this category of premium performance fly rods without the premium price tag is Scott Fly Rod Companies  A4 series of fly rods.  These beautifully built fly rods are handcrafted in Montrose, Colorado.  Once you put one in your hand you’ll feel their action are quick, but with a nice smooth flex in their tip.  The Scott A4’s naturally finished blanks are a trade mark of Scott Fly Rods.  The A4 is light in the hand and Scott’s attention to detail is as good as anyone’s.  This 4pc series of fly rods retails for $395.00. 

For those who are looking to try saltwater fly-fishing for the first time or are headed out to swing flies for steelhead both the Scott A4 and Sage Pursuit fly rods would be excellent options.  Sage and Scott rod companies make these rods from 8-12wt and are offered in 9’-10’ lengths.  These larger 4pc rods have fighting butts and larger guides to accommodate the demands that fly-fishing in saltwater and steelhead require.   

The key to getting a good rod regardless of their price is to cast a fly rod.  There are many rod reviews out there, but they don’t take into consideration your abilities or the waters you fish.  That’s where we come in.  If you have the opportunity to visit Western Rivers Flyfisher and work with our experienced staff to see which one best suits what you’re in the market for, that is ideal.  However, we recognize that not everyone who purchased their fly rods from us can drop in and cast a rod before purchasing it.  So, give us a call.   We’ll take all the time you need to help you get just the right rod.  After 25 years of this, you’ll find we’re better than most.  If for some reason you aren’t happy with your purchase, you’re welcome to send it back.  See our purchase guarantee here for more details.