Gift Ideas for the Fly Fisher Week 4

Each week we are featuring 3 gifts our employees want under their tree’s this year. For the entire WRF Fishmas list and gift ideas click here…

Nick’s Fishmas List

Fishpond Hook Jaw River Tool: For the guy/gal who wants a little bit of everything in a cool, metal package. Built in the U.S.A. out of aluminum and titanium, this is a river tool that will not fall apart. The Hook Jaw comes with a cutting blade for leaders and tippet, bottle opener, and has a VERY accurate tippet and leader gauge that will keep you from wasting perfectly good leaders. For only $20.00, this makes a GREAT stocking stuffer!

Smith Creek Middle Fork Patch/Smith Creek Rig Keeper Dropper Rig System: Organization of flies and gear makes for more fun days on the water, period. These two new fly patches from Smith Creek are excellent choices for any angler wanting to streamline their fishing, and keep their flies open and available without fear of losing them. The Middle Fork fly patch has a solid pin mount that keeps it from being yanked off your vest, and has double-sided slit foam for storage of flies. The Rig Keeper/Dropper Rig system is tailor-made for those of us who LOVE to fish dropper rigs (i.e. ME). It too has double sided slit foam, and line grooves so you can literally wrap up your dry-dropper rigs without having to take them apart. These two fly patches are only $25.00 (Middle Fork) and $21.95 (Dropper Rig) respectively; a great gift for the angler who has everything, but still needs a little help in streamlining their fishing time!

Simms “Taco” Wader Bag: This is not the most “new” and “hip” gift item for 2015, but it is still one of my favorites and incredibly useful! Carrying your gear to and from your car, and keeping it from getting your car incredibly muddy is something that should never be underappreciated. It is a simple gear bag that also doubles as a wader mat for setting up on. Functionality, simplicity, and durability-nothing wrong with any of those attributes!
Retail: $30.00

Gift Ideas for the Fly Fisher Week 3

Each week we are featuring 3 gifts our employees want under their tree’s this year. For the entire WRF Fishmas list and gift ideas click here…

Skyler’s Fishmas List

Simms Kinetic Jacket
: There is nothing like having a good insulated jacket while out on the water on those cold, brisk days. With a Primaloft fill and a durable water resistant shell, this is a go to for those cold fall and winter days on the water. A warm fisherman is a happy fisherman!

Nomad Nets
: Ditch the old woven string basket net. These lightweight carbon fiber nets sport trout friendly clear rubber baskets which not only have significantly less impact on the fish, hey are also a far superior landing net. The great thing is they also come in a variety of lengths, shapes and finishes suiting each fisherman’s needs.

Tacky Fly Boxes
: The new Tacky boxes are great. Instead of traditional foam which gets damaged or misshaped over time, these boxes sport incredibly durable, rubber silicone slits that you slide your fly right into. Thin, lightweight and clear, these are the perfect stocking stuffers for your angler to get organized.