Bud “The Talent” Murray

_-137When I first met Bud Murray nearly 30 years ago I just knew him as Bud the ex-coach who had a reputation as an all around good angler.   That was back in the early 80’s when I was doing time at Anglers Inn.  With a name like Bud who was a good stick, how could you not take him seriously.  As he was then, he is today at Western Rivers, a colorful character who is well respected and most always has a nice easy going smirk on his face. Occasional he is still referred to as coach, but he’s acquired a few more titles since my Anglers Inn days and those seem to fit his character just as well.

Since meeting him at Anglers Inn he’s become a part of the fabric and rich history of Western Rivers Flyfisher and at 77 and elder statesman of the morning Coffee Crew.   They gather daily for java at the shop to solve the worlds problems, plan their next fishing trip, talk about the weather or what a mess the world is, all before heading off to fish or make their next Dr’s appointment or to knock off an item from their never ending Honey Dew lists.  Life should be that casual for us all and the Coffee Crew bunch do a good job of making it seem so.  Given their collective age, especially the core of this group, they’ve earned that.

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