Gift Ideas for the Fly Fisher Week 3

Each week we are featuring 3 gifts our employees want under their tree’s this year. For the entire WRF Fishmas list and gift ideas click here…

Skyler’s Fishmas List

Simms Kinetic Jacket
: There is nothing like having a good insulated jacket while out on the water on those cold, brisk days. With a Primaloft fill and a durable water resistant shell, this is a go to for those cold fall and winter days on the water. A warm fisherman is a happy fisherman!

Nomad Nets
: Ditch the old woven string basket net. These lightweight carbon fiber nets sport trout friendly clear rubber baskets which not only have significantly less impact on the fish, hey are also a far superior landing net. The great thing is they also come in a variety of lengths, shapes and finishes suiting each fisherman’s needs.

Tacky Fly Boxes
: The new Tacky boxes are great. Instead of traditional foam which gets damaged or misshaped over time, these boxes sport incredibly durable, rubber silicone slits that you slide your fly right into. Thin, lightweight and clear, these are the perfect stocking stuffers for your angler to get organized.

Gift Ideas For the Fly Fisher Week 1

Stay tuned, each week we will be posting our own wish lists to help you find the perfect gift. To see the entire list click here…

Logan’s Fishmas List

Yeti Rambler Mugs
: Just like the rest of us, it’s rare you’ll see me without a cup of coffee. I love my coffee and I like it hot and to stay hot when I get preoccupied or hit the water for a few hours.
The Yeti ramblers offer me a bombproof mug in a variety of sizes that I can rely on for my drinks to stay hot or cold for as long as I need.

Patagonia Flannel Lined Workwear Pants
: For the bitter cold days that I want to stay warm and comfortable whether it be under my waders or around the camp. Being comfortable is crucial and these heavy duty canvas pants look like they don’t lack in warmth or durability.

: Both Patagonia and Simms offer killer socks for wading or just every day wear. It seems that when my parents ask what I want for christmas, my first thought is socks! As I said before staying comfortable is crucial, and I’ve learned through experience that keeping my feet warm, dry, and comfy is an important factor that I often and regrettably overlook.

Patagonia Foot Tractor Review

IMG_1713The Patagonia Foot Tractor takes wading to a whole new level of comfort and traction. Several years ago we; Western Rivers staff had an opportunity to test these boots out on our annual shop trip. After 4 days of pounding around in them we were impressed. The Foot Tractor right out of the shoot was noticeably an improvement over the Aluma-Bar boot. After using the Patagonia Aluminum Bar Boot for the past 3 seasons (which still have plenty of life left in them), I left them behind this fall as I headed to BC for my first steelhead trip of the year and some of the most challenging wading anyone will be confronted with.

Regardless of the new bar and sole design of the boot, which is grabbing everyone’s attention, this was the most comfortable heavy duty wading boot I’ve ever worn.

Scott Women’s A4 Rod Review

ImageFly rods have come a long way in the last decade and I’ve noticed that fly rod companies are now starting to pay attention to fly rods that need to be designed for women.  Of those companies, I recently picked up the women’s A4 905-4 fly rod.  The first thing that comes to mind with this rod is its extremely versatile!

To continue reading the full rod review click here…

Winston Boron 3 LS Fly Rod Review

ImageFly rods and their impact on fly-fishing and the experience we’ve come to enjoy has morphed over the years and now more so than over the past decade. In the ever changing world of fast action fly rods R.L. Winston has stuck to its roots and developed a rod that bridges the gap between modern fly rod flexes and traditional technique. Enter the R.L. Winston BIII LS.

For a long time Winston has produced trout rods that have a full flexing profile, catering to the angler who revels in the cast, the presentation and the simplicity of a single dry fly. As our sport has grown, fly-fishing with a single dry fly has slowly been pushed aside in response to the various creative ways anglers have engineered to catch fish with a fly rod. Click here to read the full Winston LS review

Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Fly Line Review

ImageAt Western Rivers we’re picky about our fly rods and the fly lines we choose to get the most from a fly rods performance. When we tested the new Sharkwave flyline we approached it with some skepticism as we do with all new products before we get to test them, but after now casting and fishing this new textured fly line we believe this new fly line from Scientific Anglers to be an improvement in performance over  their original Sharkskin fly lines. When we can’t get out to fly-fish on one of our local waters we often find ourselves practicing our fly-casting at a local park.  It is very relaxing, improves our success, but it also allows us to try out new fly-lines as they come out. Click here to continue reading the rest of the review…

Hatch Fly Reel Review by Steve Schmidt

ImageThe Hatch Fly Reel company is a relatively new fly reel manufacturer that has risen to the top of premium fly reel companies in a short period of time.  I remember distinctly when I first came across this company; they only offered one very fine fly fishing reel.  That was unique for a new reel manufacturer: just one reel, one size, one color.   For several years  I followed this new innovative reel company and watched them mature.  Not long after learning of Hatch Reels I bought one.  It was the first non-Hardy trout reel I’ve ever owned and used since opening Western Rivers 28 years ago.  I was so impressed that shortly after that we brought them in to the shop even though my crew was somewhat hesitant because of their price.  That hesitancy didn’t last long, however.  Since then just about everyone in the shop now owns and fishes a Hatch Reel amd they have become our best selling premium fly reel. To read the rest of the review click here…