Simms G3 Guide Jacket Review by: Bryce Nichols

The Simms G3 jacket has been a staple in our shop since Simms came out with it many years ago. For fall 2015 Simms has launched it’s newest iteration of the G3 jacket. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, they outdid themselves.

Steelhead SS 001 (36)With technology in Gore-Tex continually improving the G3 jacket is now 25% lighter weight than it’s previous version. Not to mention some key design features that are not only cool, but we feel enhance your fishing experience while wearing it. The new front layout is cleaned up, it has 2 built in retractors, vertical pockets (large enough to fit a fly box or two in), and a sweet hemo clip. Everything is very well hidden and tucked away where it’s easy to use, but clean enough to prevent line snags, which has been an issue in the past. For chilly days when you’re using it as a windbreaker you can tuck the hood away, which is a feature some of the earlier versions had, but in recent years wasn’t offered. The wrist seals are easy to use and extremely comfortable, which is as expected in this type of jacket.

One of the first trips I ever did to Alaska I had a typical lightweight packable rain shell, after the first 3 hours of fishing I was soaked, and still had 6 more rainy days of fishing. It wasn’t the most pleasant week I’ve had fishing due to being sopping wet the entire time. I always wondered why people would spend so much on a jacket, and after my experience in AK, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. The first thing I ordered after returning home was a Simms G3 jacket, and for the last decade it’s all I use. We know they aren’t cheap, but when the weather gets nasty it’s worth every penny. In my experience they are extremely durable and last for years (based off how hard I am on gear if they last me for years, it’s usually a decade for most), which helps ease the pain of the initial hit when purchasing.

Now whether you’re fishing for a few hours on a local stream in some nasty conditions, or headed on an extended fishing trip; stay warm, dry, and comfortable in the Simms G3 guide jacket. Trust me, if you find yourself in those epic fishing situations that seems to present themselves mostly when the weather isn’t ideal you’ll be stoked you made this purchase.