Simms G3 Guide Jacket Review by: Bryce Nichols

The Simms G3 jacket has been a staple in our shop since Simms came out with it many years ago. For fall 2015 Simms has launched it’s newest iteration of the G3 jacket. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, they outdid themselves.

Steelhead SS 001 (36)With technology in Gore-Tex continually improving the G3 jacket is now 25% lighter weight than it’s previous version. Not to mention some key design features that are not only cool, but we feel enhance your fishing experience while wearing it. The new front layout is cleaned up, it has 2 built in retractors, vertical pockets (large enough to fit a fly box or two in), and a sweet hemo clip. Everything is very well hidden and tucked away where it’s easy to use, but clean enough to prevent line snags, which has been an issue in the past. For chilly days when you’re using it as a windbreaker you can tuck the hood away, which is a feature some of the earlier versions had, but in recent years wasn’t offered. The wrist seals are easy to use and extremely comfortable, which is as expected in this type of jacket.

One of the first trips I ever did to Alaska I had a typical lightweight packable rain shell, after the first 3 hours of fishing I was soaked, and still had 6 more rainy days of fishing. It wasn’t the most pleasant week I’ve had fishing due to being sopping wet the entire time. I always wondered why people would spend so much on a jacket, and after my experience in AK, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. The first thing I ordered after returning home was a Simms G3 jacket, and for the last decade it’s all I use. We know they aren’t cheap, but when the weather gets nasty it’s worth every penny. In my experience they are extremely durable and last for years (based off how hard I am on gear if they last me for years, it’s usually a decade for most), which helps ease the pain of the initial hit when purchasing.

Now whether you’re fishing for a few hours on a local stream in some nasty conditions, or headed on an extended fishing trip; stay warm, dry, and comfortable in the Simms G3 guide jacket. Trust me, if you find yourself in those epic fishing situations that seems to present themselves mostly when the weather isn’t ideal you’ll be stoked you made this purchase.


Simms Headwaters Guide Hip Pack Review


In today’s fly fishing world there seems to be a million choices in hip and waist packs. After recently returning from a steelhead trip, hear what one of our guides have to say about the newly updated Simms guide pack.

“We all have our preferences on our favorite fly fishing pack system. Whether it’s a sling pack, backpack/vest combo, hip pack or chest pack we can all agree that a well designed piece is more comfortable while still making simple tasks on the water much quicker, easier and less of a headache. The 2014 Simms Headwaters Guide Hip Pack is one of our new favorite outfits for the angler who likes to come prepared for anything.” Click here to read the full review…

Simms 2014 New Wading Boot Review


For 2014 Simms introduced 3 new boots we are excited about. The new boots are the top of the line Simms G4 wading boot, the Simms G3 guide boot, and the Simms Vapor boot. The most important new feature of these boots for us is the new Rivertred platform. This new sole makes these boots more comfortable and unlike any of its predecessors. To read the full review and details about the new 2014 Simms Boots click here…

Fly Fishing Gift Ideas for Father’s Day Week 2

Father’s day is just around the corner and this week we have some great budget ideas that will score you some bonus points with dad. With the weather being as warm as it is already in the West, summer fishing season is rocking and rolling. Which means it’s wet wading time. For anyone that wet wades the Simms Wet Wading sock is a must. It looks like a normal sock, but inside it has a liner stitched in that wicks away moisture and keeps your feet comfortable after being in the water all day. Most of us wear these as well when we are saltwater fly fishing.

Another great idea for any dad just starting off his fishing season is a new fly line. We tend to forget to replace our lines, and forget how nice it is to fish a fresh fly line. This year Scientific Anglers came out with their Mastery Textured Trout Stalker Line. This is hands down a shop favorite line. I recently got a 5wt and fished it for the first time a few weeks ago on Silver Creek. It was one of the best weight forward lines I’ve fished and was excellent throwing large flies as well as small BWO’s with light tippet.

An anglers mind is all about his next trip, whether it’s how they are going to get there or even where there is. The last thing on our minds is our gear, some of it can be generations old, hammered, and we never replace it because it still resembles working condition, but if someone gives us a new piece of gear it becomes a cherished gem. A new fly reel can be the perfect gift for any dad, one of our favorite blends of modern meets classic is the Abel TR reels. They are a well machined reel, with a pawl drag systems that purrs when a fish takes off.

Fishing gear bags and luggage are also something an angler can never have enough of. While many times we are touting about our favorite techy bag, still one of our classic favorites is the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel. The 60 liter tends to be a favorite size for us. Whether you are going out for the day and need a bag to throw your extra clothes in, it’s a great weekend vaca size, or the perfect carry on. It can be carried like a classic duffel, but also has backpack straps which allow you to put it on your back and out of the way.

These are a few of our featured father’s day gifts ideas this week, we will also be posting a few more next week. If your dad is a regular at the shop feel free to stop by or give us a shout and we can also recommended some other items.

Fly Fishing Gift Ideas for Father’s Day Week 1

Fathers day is around the corner and it’s never to earlier to start looking for gifts.  Over the course of the next few weeks starting with this publication we are going to put together a number of blogs that feature products that have grabbed our attention this off season or need refreshing for the upcoming summer; some of them out of necessity, some out of need, some simply just too cool or viable to pass up.  So here we go!

For starters all of us at Western Rivers seem to always be on the hunt for the perfect product to carry all our stuff in; fly boxes, raincoat, beer, food, water, camera, you get the jest.  Although traditional vests are still popular with anglers my age they leave one with limited options and they don’t carry weight well. Many of today’s products are much more versatile, such as some of the new pack options by Simms.  We’ve been trying to get someone to offer a system that integrates and Simms initially is one of the first to have done just that.

By itself their Headwater ½ Day Pack has a plethora of options that most fly-fishers will find advantageous; light, hydration system capabilities, plenty of space filled with nooks and crannies to carry what you’ll need.  The best part about this pack is that it can be retrofitted easily with the Headwater Chest/Hip Pack.  Each of these pieces either by themselves or in concert with each other gives you tremendous flexibility in addressing a variety of fly-fishing conditions and needs.  Go light, or pack the kitchen sink with ease and versatility.  If you’re in a quandary over how to manage what you take out on the water these two products by Simms are worth considering.

Fly-fishing in the heat of summer can make for some uncomfortable days on the water.  As fabrics evolve we’ve found clothing that allows us to be more comfortable in a variety of weather and during these upcoming hot summer months also protect us from the sun.  These days the later.

Patagonia has always been an industry leader in the outdoors when it comes to technical fabrics that pursue these and other qualities.  Off all the products they offer the most used piece of clothing by the staff at Western Rivers Flyfisher Patagonia Graphic Crew is Patagonia’s Capilene 1 Graphic Crew.  Regardless of the weather this versatile clothing piece finds a home on our bodies.  On cold days it is the foundation of our layering system.  It’s also and ideal piece for wearing solo on those hot summer days pursuing trout or getting poled along the flats looking for skittish bonefish or a wary permit.  At the end of the day, if all you have is the kitchen sink to wash it in, it will clean up nicely and be dry to wear again the following day.

This year we are a little strapped for water thanks to Mother Nature.  In comparison to last years she has done a complete 180 leaving Utah a little short of moisture. Much of the west is in comparable shape.  When fishing we often find ourselves in a similar situation, short of water stuck out wandering high and dry longer than we intended.  I know I’m frequently getting in this position since I don’t like carrying the extra weight.  Now I have a solution, the  Katadyn My Bottle Micro Filter.  Simply fill it up with water from your favorite trout stream, take a big swig from the straw and dump out what is left over.  Having now used this bottle for over a year you’ll find them to be safe and easy way to keep hydrated.  Another bonus, these filter bottles are from one of the outdoor leaders in filtration systems, Katadyn.

Find all of these items on our web-site, better yet if you are in the neighborhood stop in.  As always, coffee is on!